What is The Red Nail Theory?

About every three months, new hypotheses and trends on TikTok become popular. On the other hand, the red nail idea is among the most well-known.

The red nail theory comes up once in a while on the internet. This time around, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are the ones who have recently brought the hypothesis into the public eye.

The current trend of wearing red nails has also sparked debate about whether or not males find women more appealing when they wear red.

For those unaware, a notion proposes that males find women with red nails more appealing. Also, a TikTok user named Robyn DelMonte (@GirlBossTown) came up with the befitting name of “The Red Name Theory.”

According to researchers like Kuniecki, Pilarczyk, and Wichary in their publication “The Color Red Attracts Attention in an Emotional Context. An ERP study,” red in particular. Among all colours, red is the one that individuals are most likely to have an intense emotional response to. Its physiological impacts include a person’s heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and metabolism, all going up.

Apparently, red nails were popular among ladies in the 1990s. So, the logic behind men being attracted to red nails is that when men encounter a female with the same nail colour as their mom, it makes them nostalgic about their childhood caregiving.

Robyn started a trend that has continued strong for over two years, even though many questioned her explanation for males being drawn to red nails. Red nails have been popular among ladies ever since.

According to some other TikTokers, the notion is correct, and the reason they got so many men’s admiring glances was their nails. But, like every other phenomenon, some people just didn’t find success with their red nails.

Recently, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have both started dating again in the last year. 

In two recent Instagram photos, the best friends had bright red nails. As a result, admirers have begun to draw parallels between red and the joy in their romantic lives.

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