What Did Ashley Leechin Do to Cause Backlash From Taylor Swift Fans?

Ashley Leechin is an influencer and TikTok creator who bears a strong resemblance to Taylor Swift. She has gained a significant following on TikTok, with over 1.1 million followers. 

However, her resemblance to Taylor Swift has sparked controversy and backlash from some fans, known as Swifties. Ashley Leechin has faced criticism and accusations of pretending to be Taylor Swift, which led to her being escorted out of a shop when she allegedly pretended to be the singer. She has also been the target of cyberbullying and harassment online. 

In response to the hate she received, she posted a Change.org petition to raise awareness about cyberbullying and false defamation. Despite the backlash, Ashley Leechin has maintained that she is just a fan and not trying to imitate Taylor Swift’s career or persona. 

She creates content that focuses on her life as a Taylor Swift lookalike, often wearing Swift’s signature red lipstick and showcasing her cat, Sloan, who resembles Swift’s cat Meredith Grey. In some of her recent videos, she dances to songs by other artists, but her appearance still resembles Taylor Swift during her “Shake It Off” era.

How did Ashley Leechin become famous?

Ashley Leechin became famous in July 2021 after a video of her doing laundry went viral. Fans immediately noticed the uncanny resemblance between her and Taylor Swift, with even the pop singer’s own mother reportedly commenting on Ashley’s striking similarity to her daughter.

She is known for her captivating lip-sync videos, masterfully synchronized with Taylor Swift’s melodic tunes, as well as engaging stories recounting instances of being mistaken for the esteemed singer.

How old is Ashley Leechin?

Ashley was born on March 13, 1993, making her 30 years old as of this writing.

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