What Character Did Amber Heard Play in Zombieland?

When Amber Heard was just getting started in her film career, she made an appearance in Zombieland in 2009. Zombieland tells the story of a battle between the world’s surviving humans and the hungry undead after a virus turns most people into zombies.

Amber Heard played the character of 406 who was also Columbus’s crush. She is attacked by a homeless man she encountered and turns into a zombie while she is at Columbus’ apartment who happened to rescue her.

Zombieland also featured Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

What happened to 406 in Zombieland?

While at Columbus’s apartment, she chases him around the apartment while he tries to talk to her.

In the end, Columbus had to kill 406 down by hitting her over the head with the lid of a toilet tank, killing her in the process.

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