Was Ivana Trump Catholic?

On Wednesday (20 July 2022), at the funeral of Ivana Trump, her and Donald’s three children stood together with their spouses and families as the hearse carrying her coffin arrived at St Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church.

The church’s location has prompted speculation about Ivana Trump’s religion. Her former spouse, Donald Trump, described himself as a Presbyterian, according to reports.

However, Mr Trump and his family have attended Marble Collegiate Church in New York City for 50 years. He and Ivana married there in 1977. It’s a Protestant church in Manhattan.

What was Ivana Trump’s religion, and was she a catholic like her parents?

Was Ivana Trump Catholic?

Yes. Ivana Trump was Catholic. Ivana Trump was born into a Catholic family in the Czech Republic where the majority of its citizens are catholic.

She never talked about her religion with the general public, but her marriage to Donald Trump happened in a Protestant church he and his family had been attending for decades.

Meanwhile, Ivanka has converted to Judaism while Eric Trump is Christian.

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