Rihanna Unveils Plans For Fenty Hair

Rihanna is already planning to take her billionaire status business to the next level with Fenty Hair, and her money has a good chance of increasing even more if she grows the Fenty brand.

Rihanna gave birth to her first child with A$AP Rocky on May 13, 2022. The pair announced her pregnancy in a photo shoot in Harlem, New York City in early 2022.

After having her baby, Rihanna is getting ready to go back to work. She is taking a step back from music, but she is still doing business.

Rihanna’s cosmetics line Fenty Beauty is doing very well, and she is also working on expanding her business empire with Fenty Hair.

Fans, however, may breathe a sigh of relief since Rihanna has stated that she has no intentions of retiring from performing. In a Vogue interview recently, she revealed that she is currently working on something.

Fans went nuts when the news of Fenty Hair broke on social media, with many expressing their thoughts on Twitter. Some were ecstatic, while others were concerned that this truly meant RiRi isn’t planning to create any more music.

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