Victoria Beckham Bans Animal Skin From Her Fashion Line

Victoria Beckham has turned into the most recent prominent originator to forbid outlandish creature skins from her plans, in a move praised by every animal rights campaigners.

The choice sees Beckham follow in the strides of brands including Chanel and Vivienne Westwood.

Beckham’s line has never made utilization of creature hide, however her most recent promise implies attire and frill produced using gator, snake and reptile skins will be suspended from fall 2019.

“Victoria Beckham will cease the use of exotic skins in all collections as of AW19. The Victoria Beckham brand has never used fur in its clothing or accessories collections and confirmed last year that the brand will remain fur free,” Beckham’s brand told WWD in an announcement.

The choice was hailed by animal rights group PETA, who have crusaded against the utilization of snake skins in the style business.

“Behind each crocodile, gator, snake, or reptile satchel or pair of shoes is a violent death,” PETA UK’s chief Elisa Allen said.

“Victoria Beckham’s choice to boycott intriguing skins will save endless striking creatures huge affliction, and PETA UK approaches other extravagance brands to pursue her thoughtful precedent,” she included.

It additionally pursues a pattern of brands evading items produced using creatures.

Last September’s London Style Week was the first to be fur-free, after coordinators reported that none of the 80 planners highlighted expected to utilize the material.

This present season’s London Design Week starts on Friday.

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