Vanessa Kirby’s Aluna Entertainment to Kickstart its Support Program for Emerging Female Filmmakers

Vanessa Kirby’s Aluna Entertainment production company has revealed the revival of Aluna Labs, the development program it introduced last year to back up rising female filmmakers.

The next phase of the initiative will happen in London and is accessible to women identifying writers, directors, and producers from all over the U.K. They can submit a treatment for a debut feature they aspire to enhance through the program.

Lauren Dark, who co-founded Aluna Entertainment in a statement said, “We created Aluna Labs to provide a tailored and nurturing environment for women aspiring to make ambitious debut features”.

She continued, “This August, we are thrilled to welcome 15 new participants to enhance their narrative pitches through specialized development sessions, industry panels and professional mentorship.

“We spend time with each participant before the course begins to be clear on the nature of support needed for each project, and tailor the sessions to be highly specific to those needs.”

Vanessa Kirby’s Aluna Entertainment production company hosted a group of talented individuals and industry experts in the first edition of Aluna Labs, including Molly Manning Walker, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Carrie Cracknell, Stacey Gregg, Farhana Bhula, Teresa Moneo, Kristin Irving, Sammy Wong, Moss Barclay, Rohina Cameron Perrera, and Helen Simmons, among others.

The 2023 Lab was specifically designed for theater professionals looking to expand their expertise in narrative film.

Vanessa Kirby’s Aluna Entertainment is currently working on its debut feature film, “Night Always Comes,” which is adapted from Willy Vlautin’s 2021 novel.

The movie features a star-studded cast including Kirby, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Zack Gottsagen, Stephan James, Julia Fox, Eli Roth, Randall Park, and Michael Kelly.

Filming is currently taking place in Portland, with Netflix securing the film under its initial agreement with Aluna.

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