Vampire Facials or Chinese Fire Facials – New Beauty Trend Unveiled

If you found the vampire facial intense, utilizing your own blood for skin improvement, get ready for a new cosmetic procedure involving setting your face on fire.

In the pursuit of beauty, various trends and products have emerged, such as utilizing snail slime for enhanced hydration. While many gimmicky trends are budget-friendly and fun, like the turmeric and honey facemask, the vampire facial seems to be hazardous as cases of women being infected have been rampant.

Recall that three women were diagnosed with HIV after a vampire facial treatment in New Mexico.

What is vampire facials?

Vampire facials is a procedure, where a patient’s blood is drawn, the plasma is separated from the blood cells and then the plasma is injected back into the face using micro needles.

This procedure is aimed at making the skin look smoother, tighter, and fuller, facials of this kind are popular among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli, and cost about $1,000.

Is the new Chinese fire facials safe?

If you’re scared of blood, then the new fire facials may be your best bet.

The fire facials, known as Huǒ Liáo in China, gained popularity in 2017 due to the enchanting “elixir” it incorporates before the flames are ignited.

Towels soaked in a blend of this potion and alcohol are placed on your face and set ablaze.

Don’t worry about burns; the fire is only ignited briefly before being extinguished by a towel, effectively diminishing dullness, sagging, and wrinkles from your ski

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