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The First Date: Dos & Donts

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A first date is a defining moment of a relationship; you get to decide if you stay friends, have something deeper, or, even stop talking to each other. Usually, people get nervous about what to wear and how to behave, well, it’s quite normal especially when you like this person you are going on a date with. It could be someone you already know, someone new or that person you have been talking to on the internet for a while now. However, there are some certain things you should not do on a first date. They say first impressions go a very long way.

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1. Pick a public place: Meeting someone or going out with someone for the first time can be fun and exciting but you also need to be very careful. Pick a location well known to the both of you. Do not go to secret locations and do not agree for your first date to be at a “surprise” location. He could be a serial killer.

2. Dress appropriately: Do not dress to kill on the first date, be moderate with your make up. Don’t wear something that is too tight or too short. Wear something that will make you comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

3. Keep to time: Arriving early is very important. If you would not like someone wasting your time then try as much as possible not to waste His time. Being late to your first date or anything else is not polite. If you are running late, call and inform Him of the situation. If your date is already set, do not cancel it at the last minute. He also has plans; if you will not be able to make it that day, tell him.

4. Try not to be shy: do not be shy when you go on a date. Order what you want to eat and engage in conversations. Do not keep quiet and let him do all the talking because you are shy be confident and enjoy yourself.

5. Choose topics carefully: Don’t go on a first date and start ranting about your ex or your family and future plans. Try as much as possible not to narrate your problem or make the conversation solely for yourself, the date is for both of you. Talk about interesting topics, laugh and have fun.

6. Do not smoke or drink on a first date: Do not get drunk before your first date and try as much as possible not to get drunk during the conversation. If little alcohol makes you tipsy or drunk avoid it totally. It is also not pleasant to smoke on a first date.

7. Do not be too attached to your phone: Both of you agreed to hang out on a date. Do not make him feel like he is wasting his time or talking rubbish while you are stuck with your phone from the beginning of the date till the end. You could keep your phone in your purse or put it on silence and keep it on the table in case there’s a call or an emergency.

8. Avoid sex related topics: Being on a first date, you are getting to know him more, avoid any sex related conversations and focus on interesting and enlightening topics.

9. Smell nice:
Make you smell very nice on a first date; do not chew garlic or anything that would cause an odor from you.

10. Be yourself: Being you is very important. Do not try to be someone you are not. No matter how fast a lie runs, the truth eventually catches up

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