Pros of going makeup free

While going makeup free may be normal for some ladies, it is a huge step for most women who are used to a daily makeup routine.

However, this routine can get tiring and you just want a break. Best believe, it is not as bad as it seems!

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Here are some reasons why you may want to go makeup free.

It is totally free!

Having to worry about the kind of concealer, foundation etc to use, not only puts stress on you, but also creates a wear in your pocket. The cost of these products are ever rising, and going without makeup will save you some cash!

More time on your hands

Yes, now you have more time to worry about other stuff that really matters. That is not to say your looks don’t matter, but, those 2 hours you spend in front of a mirror every morning, can now be channeled into something more productive. Also, you don’t have to spend time worrying about type of look to wear, shade of foundation to buy etc.

Makeup leaves your pores all clogged up

Do you know that makeup actually clogs up your pores? Yes! Makeup traps bacteria and sweat. This is why the more you use it, the more prone you are to acne and dull skin.

More confidence

When you are makeup free, you find out that it has a certain liberating effect on you. It builds up an extra level of confidence which you never knew you had before.

You don’t have to worry about skin reaction

Have you ever had skin reaction from a probably bad or expired makeup product? It is never a great experience. You probably never knew this, but expiration dates do matter. Also, many makeup products contain dangerous chemicals which can cause more harm than good to your skin.

In order to thoroughly enjoy going makeup free, drink a lot of water, eat properly and exercise every single day. Your face would look as flawless as ever. 


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