Healthy Living Activities For Everyone

Health is wealth. But healthy living comes from healthy eating. The two go hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other. The benefits of eating healthy cannot be overemphasized. Here are a few healthy living activities.

healthy living

 1. Drink more water

Some people say water makes them fat, others say it makes them bloated while some complain about having to use the loo one too many times. The truth is water is healthy, so healthy it makes your skin shine, keeps you hydrated, keep you clean from the inside out, flushes the blood and organs of waste and helps all the body system work. For those who have difficulties drinking water, a tall glass filled with water in front of you and take sips every five minutes, overtime, you will be so used to drinking water it becomes a daily routine.

2. Quit smoking and drug usage

Smoking clogs up the airwaves and makes it difficult to breathe, affecting the respiratory system. The side effect also is the fact that skin loses its suppleness and begins to age. Smokers they say are liable to die young. 

3. Drink alcohol minimally

Wines are said to be good for the heart and as such should be enjoyed however, sparingly. Alcohol intake slackens the liver walls. 

4. Exercise frequently

Exercising releases the feel good hormones in the brain, making you feel at an all time high. It keeps you in good shape so you look good not only in your clothes but out of it, it gives renewed confidence.

 5. Get more vitamins from food and fruits:

The dependence of food and fruit supplements have gone sky high, people assume taking a pill will solve it all but there’s nothing as good as getting your vitamins and minerals straight from the source, it has a more lasting effect, leaving you fuller for longer and making your skin glow from the inside out. 

More than all of these tips mentioned, you need to be at peace with yourself, that way, mind, soul, body and spirit is in a good place.

Article by Ifeanyi Iloba

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