Run Woman Run By Pelumi Agboola

I am done here. I am filled with so much pain. Tears fall uncontrollably like a faucet as I pack my bags. I have so many questions to ask myself. How did this happen to me? How did I get here? Is this a curse? I never thought this would ever happen to me.

I remember my perfect life as a lass filled with love and laughter, I remember the days my parents, my younger brother and I would take pleasure rides or go for picnics. Oh! Such fun days until my dad got a paycut due to some queries at work.

Everything changed, Daddy couldn’t hold it together despite several efforts by Mum to calm him down. Until that fateful day when Daddy hit Mum when my brother and I went for summer lessons; he didn’t just slap her once but turned her into a punching bag.

My brother, Yemi was so angry that he tried to confront Dad but he was just 15 and Dad also hit him hard that he had a couple of bruises. Dad’s actions were unexplainable, Mum wept every night, Yemi was quiet but full of hate for Dad. I tried my best to avoid him, scared of what he might do to me.

That was when I met Sola, immediately after my Post UTME exams; he was already a 100 level student in the university I was trying to gain admission to. I didn’t really need to love anyone at that moment but our friendship was just what I needed with the new drama happening at home.

Run Woman Run

Luckily, I got admission into the same university with Sola and our friendship waxed stronger. He was someone I could talk to, he would listen to everything I had to say with rapt attention telling me that everything would be fine.

Sola showed concern for what was happening to my parents, he also periodically told me to do some things that could bring my parents together. He told me to arrange blind dates for them, slip their marriage pictures in some of my Dad’s office files etc.

With time I began to fall for Sola, he was good looking and the dimples that appeared anytime he smiled at me was blissful. It seems we were made for each other, when we were friends I dated about three other guys as an undergraduate but none of them could connect with me like Sola.

I decided to stop rambling about looking for the perfect guy as I knew Sola was the one for me. Even the way he would call my name “Jo- gun” was different. When I was in final year, he left Lagos to Kebbi for NYSC but he always kept in touch, finding a way to call or text me.

Time passed by and my parents slowly found a way to patch things up after my Dad begged my mum on several occasions, saying that he was truly sorry for his actions. He also apologized to Yemi and me, though Dad never hit or touched me, I never had any emotional connection with him.

I saw him as a beast, one that all humans should avoid. After he started getting physical with mum, I couldn’t have any intimate relationship with my father, there were no Daddy-daughter moments. I didn’t need to be close to him anymore, after all I had Sola.
I graduated top of my class and my parents were very proud, it was on my convocation day that my parents met Sola. At that time, he had clinched a job at a Nigerian bank and my parents were impressed.

Sola was really happy to meet my parents, I had met his parents since I was in 300 level. I was glad my mum liked Sola, my father’s opinion didn’t matter much as he didn’t have any right to approve or disapprove my relationship with Sola.

It didn’t take long before I got a high paying job in a consulting firm. That was my dream job. On my 25th birthday, I had a little celebration with a couple of friends, that was when Sola popped the question, he proposed in the midst of all my friends. Everything in my life seemed perfect.

Yes! I agreed to marry him. I couldn’t express the way I was feeling, not only was I getting married, I was getting married to the one I loved. Marriage preparations were quickly in order. A lot of Yoruba marriage shenanigans but I didn’t care, Sola was all that mattered…

To be continued next week…

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