Pinterest Expands Creator Fund Program to Include More Minorities

Pinterest has announced that they will be expanding their “Creator Fund Program”, an initiative that allocates money towards supporting content creators on the Pinterest platform.

In 2021, Pinterest announced a $500k fund amount, which will go towards supporting creators in underrepresented communities.

“The program, currently only available in the United States, was started because we saw a need to uplift Creators and communities that have been disproportionately underrepresented on the platform. For the first cohort, we partnered with Creators from diverse backgrounds, from the worlds of fashion, photography, food and travel. They went through training, creative strategy consulting, and received a budget for content creation and ad credits.” 

Now, Pinterest has decided to expand this project, so that more content creators from minority backgrounds will be able to put out more content on the platform, as well as build their presence and earn more money. 

Pinterest, with their aim to promote a more inclusive platform, have come up with a much better hair pattern search tool, including more region and hair types.

According to Pinterest, “Through object detection with computer vision technology, Hair Type Search allows users to refine searches with six different hair patterns: guard, coiled, curly, wavy, straight, and shaved/bald. This means that when a user performs a broad hair-related search, such as “hairstyles” or “hair colour ideas,” they can narrow down the search by selecting one of six different hair patterns. Pinterest detected a hair pattern (protective, coiled, curly, wavy, straight, and shaved/bald) in over 500 million images on our platform.”

Since its launch in April last year, the Pinterest Creator Fund has helped many Pin creators boost their presence on the platform with impressions increasing to as high as 2.9x on Idea Pin impressions and also increasing the overall monthly viewing by 72%.

Now, even more, creators will benefit from this initiative: “Through cash grants, ad credits and equipment, Pinterest will invest $1.2 million in underrepresented creators. The first of four cycles in 2022 is focused on Fashion and Beauty, and is sponsored by L’Oréal USA.”

The expansion will focus on four main Creator Fund cycles. These segments will include:

* Fashion/Beauty

* Wellness

* Lifestyle/Home

* Food

Pinterest will also create a more specific and deeper approach to learning- increasing the duration of training from four weeks to five- for the creators to become more knowledgeable in the industry.

Apart from increasing the duration of the training, Pinterest is also planning to make the opportunity available to more regions later this year.

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