After Family Tragedy, Young and Restless Mishael Morgan is ‘Letting the Light In’

In the month of March, five members of Mishael Morgan’s family died in a tragic fire at their home in Canada.

Mishael Morgan is popular for her role as Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair in The Young And The Restless. Although the half-Trinidadian-half Canadian actress has been in the entertainment and film industry since 2008, she mostly rose to fame in the American soap opera.

The actress shared really heartbreaking news that members of her family died in a house fire.

On the 28th of March, a fire broke out in the home of Mishael’s in-laws in Ontario, Canada. 

Her husband’s brother Nazir, his wife Raven Alisha Ali-O’Dea, and their children Alaia, Jayden and Layla all died in this fire.

She shared the news on her social media accounts- Instagram and Twitter- expressing that she was in “absolute disbelief”. 

“On Monday morning my husband’s only brother, perished with his wife & 3 kids in a tragic house fire. I am still in absolute disbelief. My sister-in-law set up a fund, please pray for my family & donate if you are able.”

She also advised her followers to “appreciate every moment and remember another day is never guaranteed”.

Her posts have so far garnered over 8,000 likes with hundreds of comments from fans and the general public, offering their condolences.

In her most recent post, the actress thanked her followers for their words and support. She thanked her fans for being there for her during the most difficult time of her life.

She also took to her pages to write some words to her family that she just lost.

“Letting the light in. My family has been through the unimaginable and yet we stand. Never forgetting our loved ones but looking to a future filled with their light and love.”

The actress thanked the cast of CBS Young And Restless, as well as Sony and the CBS team- for offering support.

She continues in her post, “I will not only remember this as a time of tragedy but also as a moment when I witnessed the truest, selfless, unconditional love of the human soul.”

Navil’s sister and Mishael’s sister-in-law, Bismah Ali, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family’s costs of funerals.

The GoFundMe reads, “As a family, we are devastated to lose two generations in a blink of an eye. Our hearts are broken as we mourn a loss that we can never replace.”

So far, the page has raised almost $87,400- going way above its initial goal of $20,000.

And people continue to donate.

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