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Nika King is an American actress who currently plays Rue and Gia Bennett’s mother Leslie in Euphoria alongside co-stars like Zendaya and Storm Reid. She also co-owns Blue Tree Cafe, a virtual dining brand.


Not much is known about her age, however, she does state that she was born on August 20, in Miami, United States.


Nika graduated with Honors in Theater Performance from the University of Florida and further went to Groundlings Improv School to scale up her knowledge and skill in the field.


Nika King is the Founder of Jeli Life, a community and business resource. The community provides peer to peer mentorship, access to job listings, advice & encouragement. The business hub is an online database that has an extensive list of talent, specifically people of colour.

As a comedian and actor, her abilities are diverse and dynamic. On the Emmy winning HBO series Euphoria Nika King plays the role of Leslie alongside Zendaya and Storm Reid. Although she is best known for her comedic abilities, in this role she showcases a more dramatic side of herself. The role revolves around her early life watching family members battle addiction whilst finding a way to resolve it.

Nita King is best known for her comedic abilities but in her new breakout role playing Leslie, on the Emmy winning HBO series Euphoria opposite Zendaya and Storm Reid.

Nika King showcases a much more dramatic side of herself. In this role, King pulls from her early life watching family members battle addiction and triumphantly overcoming it. It is from that resolve and resilience that King offers a dramatic perspective and newfound depth in this character.


At the 2021 Better Together: Mental Health Storytelling summit by MTV Entertainment Group, Nika King launched Rose of Sharon, a nonprofit organization situated in South Los Angeles aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals and families from poor areas by providing for their well-being and mental health. The foundation was born from her personal experiences with family members.

King had witnessed her family members struggle with addictions and mental health issues, so she was familiar with all of the dynamics that come with being in her position.

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