Biography of Monica Turner, Ex-wife of Mike Tyson

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Monica Turner born Monica Teresa Turner is a paediatrician and the ex-wife of Mike Tyson. She was born in 1967 in the neighbourhood of Petworth, Northwest Washington to John Turner and Maebell Steele. 

Her father John Turner worked as an attorney, and her mother worked as a scout’s executive. Monica Turner Tyson has a younger brother, Michael Steele who went on to become the lieutenant governor of Maryland between 2003 and 2007.

She got married to Tyson in 1997 and together they had Rayna Tyson, Amir Tyson. Monica Turner also had a child from her previous relationship, Gena.

The pair, Monica and Tyson, met in 1990 at a party in New Jersey, United States hosted by Eddie Murphy, and soon after, she started dating Tyson. At this time, Monica had just gotten into medical school and Tyson was already working as a boxer.

In 1992, Mike Tyson was convicted for rape and was sentenced to six years in jail and four-year probation. He was however released in 1995 after serving three years in prison. During this period, Monica Turner flew into check on him every fortnight. 

After his release from prison, they dated for 2 more years and tied the knot in a private Muslim ceremony in 1997. The wedding was officiated by Muhammad Siddeeq, Mike Tyson’s spiritual adviser. They eventually got divorced in 2003. 

Monica Turner got her medical degree from Georgetown University in 1995 and then, she went on to specialize as a paediatrician. Her daughter is a college graduate of New York University where she studied Film and Television Production. Her son, Amir Tyson was enrolled at the American University in Washington DC, where he pursued Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History. 

In 1998, one year after they wed, Tyson was convicted of assault after assaulting two motorists and was sentenced to one year in prison in August 1998. He was released in February 1999. 

Monica Turner filed for a divorce in 2000, citing infidelity. They became officially divorced in 2003 and Monica was awarded $10 million as the divorce settlement. The divorce settlement also included a luxury estate in Farmington and the Bethesda Home. 

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