DIY Makeup Hacks for Beginners on a Budget

You would know (if you follow me on Instagram) that I suffered a major makeup loss when I misplaced my entire brush set and a couple of other makeup items in the last week of 2017.

So I have been using the first few weeks of 2018 to plan how I would rebuild my makeup box. Not just to replace the lost items but to make them even better.

But before I get everything I need, I have been into some DIYs and makeup hacks lately that have really helped.

Makeup hacks are makeup tips that make your life a hundred times easier. These makeup hacks can be used by beginners, professionals and even regular people who are just on a budget.

Glycerin + Rose Water as a setting spray.

If you aren’t into DIY setting sprays yet, you are missing out. I know professional makeup artists that swear by these. Not only are they super affordable to make, but they are also really good for your skin and makeup as they are customized just for you. I personally use Glycerin, Rosewater, some vitamin E capsules and some tea tree oil. A literal healthy glow!

How to: Put 2 part glycerin, 1 part rose water and 2 parts water in an empty spray bottle. Shake and bust a Vitamin E capsule into it with a few drops of tea tree oil. That’s it!

Tinted brow set

Brow sets are like icing on cakes. They set your brows(obviously ?) and keep them in place so that they don’t move all day. The bad thing though, is they are quite pricey. So to save cost, you could make yours using:

Eco styler gel
Hand sanitiser
Brown eyeshadow (with no red undertones) You can skip this one if you don’t want your brow set to be tinted.

Just mix all of this in tiny quantities in a small bowl and put them in an empty(clean!) mascara wand. Then use it to set your brows. You’re welcome.

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