Thursday, September 16, 2021

Maintaining Your Self Worth

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First off, self-worth is defined as the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.

Every woman should know their worth and should not allow anyone treat them less than they should be treated. When a woman holds herself in high esteem she would never allow anyone mistreat her, speak terribly to her or even make her less of a human. When a woman knows her self worth she is confident in her own abilities. When a woman doesn’t know her self-worth she gets trapped in terrible relationships which leads to been broken.

Having a high-esteem doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship but it enables a woman know what she wants and what she deserves to have and the ability to walk away from a bad and depressing relationship.

A woman needs to carry herself very high and by this I don’t mean being proud, having a high self-esteem doesn’t mean you should be a proud person it simply means not subjecting your self to rubbish be it in a  relationship, in public or wherever. Some women appear to have a great sense of self-worth but on the inside they die of depression, low self-worth and they even doubt themselves.
A damaged self-worth can be fixed by:

  • Not ever wallowing in self pity : You need to take a hold of yourself and move on from whatever might have happened, because you need to acknowledge what has happened and move on;
  • Re-evaluating yourself : You need to re-evaluate yourself because this would help you re-check yourself to see where you need to adjust;
  • Being willing to adjust your self image: If you might have been a person whose self-esteem was low you would need to adjust yourself and this has to be after you re-evaluated your life;
  • Trying new things: For a woman who has had a broken self-worth, you would have to try out new stuffs, change your thoughts and your viewpoints about things in general;
  • Being willing to say no to whatever might try to tamper with your self-worth.

Article by Tito Joseph

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