How Using SkillHub Can Help You Change the Landscape of Job Hiring

How often have you written a resume or a cover letter or built a LinkedIn profile to discover rejections piling up? Instead of getting a dream job, you get nothing. Well, things have changed. In 2023, it’s easy to find a writing agency ready to compose a bot-beating resume for you, and Skillhub is one such agency.

How can a resume writing agency like Skillhub help you bring your career to new heights? Check the answer in the article below.

What is a Resume Writing Agency?

A resume-writing agency is a company that aims to help job seekers find a job by offering resume-writing and cover letter services. At Skillhub, we also offer LinkedIn profile building to ensure that our clients use the job search help to the fullest. We know that nailing a job is vital to your happiness; hence offer a wide variety of services to help you do it.

#1: A Resume Writing Agency Helps You Stand Out Among Other Candidates

There is a high chance that the applicants sending their documents for the job position you want to nail have the same hard skills as you. Obviously, each of them has learned the value of showing knowledge directly related to the job’s nature. How to compete with them?

Well, what one can do is focus on their soft skills. Our writers know how to highlight your soft skills and help you get a job by doing so. We stay aware of the recent job market trends and know what recruiters are looking for in candidates.

#2: A Writing Agency Will Help You Beat the ATS

Yes, you heard it right. A CV or cover letter writing agency is where everyone knows about an applicant tracking system or ATS. Don’t you think that’s important? Well, an ATS software checks your cover letter and other job search documents and decides whether you’re the right fit for the job. And everything depends on the nature of professional keywords and whether they’re enough to consider you a credible candidate for the job.

The good news is that at Skillhub, we know everything about the ATS and always check CVs, cover letters, and other documents to ensure they are ATS-friendly.

#3: Professional Writers Know Everything About Structures

Yes, they do. Even more – Skillhub writers will choose a resume format for you to maximize the chances of nailing a job interview. We know how the Chronological format differs from the Functional and why staying far from the Combination method is better.

We know everything about structures, formats, and design. What’s more important – we stay on trend with the changes in the global job market. Therefore, our professionals know what a modern recruiter likes and which data to never include in one’s CV.

#4: Writers are the Best at Tailoring Resumes and Cover Letters

The truth is that not all job search documents are equal. A detailed resume might be perfect, but it might lack some essential things like aligning with the company’s values or mission. Before composing a bot-beating resume for our customers, we always research the company they want to apply for. By doing so, we ensure their resume is tailored to the company’s requirements, maximizing the candidate’s chances of winning the job.

#5: Some Agencies Have Additional Services to Offer

And we are among these agencies – because we also offer LinkedIn profile optimization. With globalization and digitalization destroying boundaries, it’s no wonder that looking for a job on social media is a trend. What’s more, this trend won’t vanish.

And if you haven’t done your homework yet, do it now – create a LinkedIn profile. Most influential CEOs are on LinkedIn. What if you’re the next Jobs waiting to be discovered? Don’t know how to create a LinkedIn profile and sell your skills? We’ll help! All you need to do is contact us.

Apart from that, we know that cover letters matter. And we’re not too old-fashioned to admit it. In fact, the demands of recruiters have increased, and having a resume, however outstanding it is, is not enough to impress a 21st-century recruiter. Because 7 in 10 recruiters expect that you send a resume if they’ve mentioned that adding a cover letter is optional.

#6: Skillhub Has Great Policies

First, we don’t tolerate plagiarism, so your CV or cover letter will be a highly authentic product. We’ll ensure it by using plagiarism checkers and doing extensive research on the jobs in your preferred industry.

Second, we’ve got a one-month guarantee policy. Up to 90% of our clients claim to find a job within a month after receiving a personalized resume or a cover letter from Skillhub writers.

Third, we offer a pay-after-receiving policy and a 60-day money-back guarantee. What does it mean? You pay only after you’re happy with the result and when the resume no longer requires edits. And if you’re still unhappy with the product, we’ll return the money after three months from the order approval date. Simple, right?

Final Thoughts: How Can Skillhub Help?

At Skillhub, we are dedicated to helping others get a job they truly enjoy. Our policies are designed to help you not break the budget and be happy with the result of our writers’ work.

Win your first job or change a career with Skillhub resume writing services in less than a month!


What is Skillhub?

Skillhub is a professional writing team dedicated to helping others build a career.

What are your policies?

We have a one-month guarantee that you’ll find a job and a 60-day money-back policy, according to which you can ask for a refund if you’re unhappy with the result.

How can Skillhub get me a job?

Our resume writing services can build a bot-beating resume or a cover letter, edit your old job search documents, and create a LinkedIn profile.

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