How to Be a Feminist in the Workplace

Feminism is not a hobby or something we do for leisure, it is bigger than that. It’s a theory that aims to give women better representation, more opportunities in all aspects of life. Hence, feminism should be treated as important as it is. 

It’s not some convenient “conversation starter” or something we say to sound “cool”, it is important to note that being a feminist comes with real responsibilities and duties, especially in the workplace. 

We all know workplace politics can be overwhelming, and one may be discouraged to publicly identify as a feminist in the workplace (especially if the system is very traditional and conservative). However, there are ways to integrate feminism into your work life without compromising.

Here are tips on how to be a feminist in the workplace 

  1. Always maintain professionalism. Maintaining professional behaviour in a work environment is very key. Regardless of your position and role, always be professional. 
  2. Air your views respectfully. People may hold different and divergent views from what you believe, this is still not grounds to be disrespectful. Remember that you’re in a professional environment. 
  3. Speak up for other women or marginalized people at work. 
  4. Advise your organization on how to implement better policies that’ll help women. 
  5. Be willing to educate people. Don’t forget that the organization/workplace is a pool of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Be willing to educate those who are genuinely interested especially policymakers and decision-makers in the organization. 

Being a feminist is a lifestyle and integrating it into your work can be very dicey. However, we need to be the change we want to see and start by connecting our lives as feminists with our work. 

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