How Many Kids Does Jamie Lee Curtis Have?

Jamie Lee Curtis has two children with her husband of 37 years, Christopher Guest: Annie Guest and Ruby Guest. In December 1986, Lee adopted Annie, and a decade later, she adopted Ruby.

Adoption was the only way for the couple to have kids because of fertility issues, as Curtis explained in an interview for charity Pact’s Point of View newsletter.

The couple, who wed in 1984, adopted both their children during the late ’80s and ’90s.

While their mother is well-known for her parts in television and film, Annie and Ruby have chosen to pursue jobs that are not as visible.

Since she was sixteen years old, Curtis’ eldest daughter Annie has been a dance instructor at various schools; among them are Windward School and Archer School For Girls.

Although her faculty page has recently been deleted, Angelina’s most recent role was at MNR Dance Factory in Los Angeles as a team director.

Reportedly, Ruby is a computer gaming editor who anonymously works for a popular YouTuber. Because she is a private person, not much information about her circulates online.

In 2021, Jamie revealed that her youngest was trans. However, Ruby revealed to AARP magazine in July that she had transitioned from male to female in an interview.

Ruby talked about her transition in an interview. She said that it was intimidating but that she wasn’t worried because her parents had been so accepting of her throughout her life.

Jamie Lee Curtis has several siblings who are also in the entertainment industry. Her sister Kelly is an actor, and her half-siblings Allegra, Alexandra and Nicholas have all pursued acting careers.

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