How 92-year-old Woman Became One of America’s Richest Self-Made Women

Joan Payden has defied age limits as she is not just among America’s wealthiest self-made women but also one of the oldest at 92 years old.

She boasts of an estimated net worth of $700 million, as reported by Forbes.

Payden is the CEO of Payden & Rygel, a Los Angeles-based firm that manages more than $161 billion in assets.

Hailing from Derby, Connecticut in 1931, Payden grew up in Indonesia.

Upon her return to the US, Payden pursued a dual degree in mathematics and physics at Trinity College, graduating in 1953, a remarkable accomplishment for women during that era.

During the 1950s, she was among the few women in engineering at a New Jersey firm focused on constructing oil refineries.

Despite being laid off, this event marked a pivotal moment in her professional journey.

She later became the first woman partner at Scudder, Stevens & Clark, an investment counselling firm.

Later on, she co-founded Payden & Rygel with Sandra Rygel in 1983.

Joan’s success story serves as a strong proof that age is merely a number, showcasing that with determination, women can reach remarkable heights.

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