Get a Glimpse of Chloe Bailey’s Upcoming Album With Her Single “Pray It Away”

Chloe Bailey has a new release, “Pray It Away,” out now and it’s been nothing short of a spiritual experience. Her upcoming debut album “In Pieces” is set for release in March, and to give us all a taste, she dropped the music video for her single.

The cinematic visuals begin with Chloe kneeling in a church, surrounded by candles that give off a warm, soothing light. We hear her singing the bittersweet lyrics of heartache and betrayal from an unfaithful partner. She is dressed in a white bridal gown and veil, but as the song progresses, we see her strong will and resilience transform her into a more confident version of herself in a plunging latex bodysuit.

The choreography of the video is absolutely stunning, with its heavy gospel influences and dance. This style of dancing has a long history in Baptist churches and Chlöe puts her own spin on it. The intricate moves bring to life the emotions she conveys with her powerful lyrics.

This video gives us a tantalizing glimpse of what Chloe’s debut album has to offer. With its captivating visuals, intense choreography and passionate lyrics, “Pray It Away” is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans. Get ready for an unforgettable listening experience with Chlöe’s upcoming album!

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