Marilyn Martinez: Tragic Murder of Mom & TikTok Creator Sparks Outrage

Marilyn Martínez, a popular TikTok video creator, was found dead on January 16 in Lima, Peru. She had been stabbed multiple times. Her nine-year-old son was allegedly present at the crime scene. Her husband Alexander Pinedo Barrón has been fingered as the main suspect and requested for nine months of preventive detention by a judge. He allegedly confessed to the crime without hesitation and stated that “when I killed her, I did see her bone”.

Jealousy has been proposed as a possible motive of the murder; Martínez’s husband was reportedly 45 years old while she was 34. In the wake of Martínez’s death, TikTok users have paid tribute to her by using the hashtag “justiciaparamarilyn” (translation: justice for Marilyn).

Marilyn Martinez was popular on Tiktok for her videos, and entertaining skits. This senseless murder has sparked outrage and discussion about the prevalence of gender-based violence in Latin America.

Femicide is a rampant issue in South America; Peru, for example, has one of the highest femicide rates in Latin America. Marilyn Martinez ‘s death is yet another reminder of the violence that women in South America face. It is essential to create awareness around this issue and to ensure that justice is served for Marilyn.

We cannot let her death go unnoticed, or worse – forgotten. Let’s keep remembering Marilyn, and continue to fight for justice and an end to femicide in all its forms.

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