Easy Way To Wash Braided Hair

Hair Braids really make a woman’s world go round. Not only do they look great, they protect the hair from breakage, and they last for weeks. However not everyone knows how to wash braided hair.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though braids last between two to eight weeks depending on how you wear them or even the style, you need to wash them every 2 to 3 weeks.

easy ways to wash braided hair

Tools Needed to wash braided hair:





Here are the steps to washing hair braids:

1. Get a gentle shampoo
The thing about washing braided hair is that you cannot use just any regular shampoo. The shampoo has to be really gentle or if you are using the regular one, then you need to dilute it more than you normally would. Run your gentler diluted shampoo over the strands in a downward motion.
2. Focus on your scalp
Your scalp should really be your focus as that is where dandruff lies. Also massaging your scalp helps with blood circulation for your hair. The scalp is basically the most important part of this washing. You can also use astringents, as they will help you break down the oil and dirt on your scalp.
3. Do not rub your braids, instead, squeeze them
When you are washing braided hair, you want to make sure that you squeeze the braids instead of rubbing them. Also, squeeze close to the scalp because that is where hair dirt and residue hides. Also when rinsing, do not rub your braids. Simply let water flow from your scalp to the tip of the braids. This ensures that all the dirt flows downwards instead of remaining at the scalp.

4. Use a conditioner
This step is important because not conditioning your hair is recipe for hair breakage. Use any leave in conditioner and apply it one by one on each braid. After that, use a shower cap to lock in the moisture for about half an hour.

5. Never blow dry your braids
If you blow dry your hair, you will end up with frizzes. Just simply dry it with a towel or let it air dry.

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