Document Women Launches New Podcast We Are Not Crazy, You Are! Featuring Ghana-based International Award-winning Journalist, Esther Armah

Document Women, a curative media platform aimed at battling the erasure of women has just launched its new podcast, We Are Not Crazy, You Are!. The podcast is hosted by award-winning host Awazi. 

We Are Not Crazy, You Are! Is a podcast series that takes a region by region approach in addressing some of the longest-standing equality movements and what they mean to women in different regions in the world.

WNCYA features women from Ghana, The Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Haiti, Jamaica and India. 

In this first episode, Awazi speaks to Ghana-based International award-winning journalist, playwright and Executive Director, The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, Esther Armah on the intersectionality and structurality of oppression as she simplifies what “Emotional Justice” truly is.

According to Awazi, “We Are Not Crazy, You Are! ” is in line with our goal at Document Women. Which is to document history, one woman at a time.

You can get the podcast everywhere you get your podcasts.

About Document Women

Document Women is a curative media platform focused on combating the erasure of women and their contributions to history. We seek to immortalise the impact of women in society past and present by creating engaging feminist content and using multiple media channels to represent women’s struggles, experiences, accomplishments, and legacies. Through our documentaries, articles, and podcasts, we have a goal to amplify women’s voices.

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