All You Need To Know About Christina Carmela From Too Hot To Handle Season 2

Just when everyone was settling in with their pair and getting comfortable, Lana decided to stir things up by introducing two new contestants. One of which was Christina Carmela. Christian went straight for Cam Holmes who had already paired with Emily Faye Miller. However, she didn’t hit it off as planned with Cam Holmes because she found out that he lied to her about his connection with Emily. 

Who is Christina Carmela?

Christina Carmela is a 30-year-old South African native. She was born to Italian and Portuguese parents but she grew up in South Africa. 

Christina Carmela is also a pilot. It would interest you to know that the commercial airline industry is dominated by men. However, she is very successful in her profession.

In an interview she granted HeyBoo in April this year, she talked about having to work twice as hard for half the credit. She also expressed her excitement at the fact that more women are taking more jobs in the industry today unlike when she started out some eight years ago.

Christina previously worked for Indonesia’s Susi Air but reportedly lost her job due to the coronavirus pandemic. Her interest in becoming a pilot was sparked by her father who took her on a lot of trips when she was younger. However, she appears to be back in the air and would be renewing her pilot’s license according to a recent Instagram post.

When Christina Carmela was much younger, she was a model and got into quite a number of beauty pageants.

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