Channing Tatum Opens Up About His Relationship With Daughter After Divorce From Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced the end of their marriage over four years ago, but now Tatum is ready to open up in full to Vanity Fair about what happened—and how it changed his relationship with their daughter Everly.

Tatum said they both wanted their marriage to work out but were just growing apart. “We told ourselves a story when we were young, and we kept telling ourselves that story, no matter how obvious it was that we were different” he explained. Parenting made things even clearer—showing them how they had vastly different world views.

The split wasn’t easy for Tatum at first. “In the beginning, it was super scary and terrifying,” he said. But it was exactly what he needed to do—to focus on himself and his daughter. With this new focus, they have become very close—becoming best friends along the way.

According to him, being a girl-dad has also made him realize just how scary the world is for women and girls. “Only in having a daughter did it start to really scare me how scary the world is for women,” “You can conceive it when you love someone that is a girl, but it doesn’t land in the same way as having a tiny female human in the world that is so vulnerable and looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses.”

Since their breakup, Dewan has gotten engaged to Steve Kazee, with whom she has a son, Callum. Tatum is dating Zoë Kravitz. Despite the changes in their lives, both of them are thriving and continue to prioritize their daughter’s wellbeing.

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