Can Toxic Relationships Be Healed?

Ever wonder why you feel so inadequate when in a relationship? The answer is that you may be witnessing the effects of “toxic relationships”. What are toxic relationships? This type of relationship can take many forms, but ultimately it will lead to a host of negative issues such as self-esteem loss and depression. If your partner hurts or disrespects you, then that is a sign of toxicity. There are also many types of negative behaviours associated with toxic relationships such as:

Regardless of the type of relationship and the specific traits that it entails, they all result in a lack of self-worth and lead to an endless cycle that makes it harder for them to achieve happiness. So the first step to knowing whether or not you are in a toxic relationship is by being aware of the signs.

Detecting Toxic Relationships

How to know when you are in a bad relationship, and how to get out face it, most people have been through at least one toxic relationship in their life. In fact, some people tend to remain in such relationships over and over again, always hoping that the next one will last forever. But loving yourself means having to eliminate people who can bring you down, this is what separates a good relationship from a bad one.

Here are some of the common signs of toxicity:

Taking Advantage of You. If your partner is constantly taking advantage of you by saying things like “I’ll do the whole thing, you just pay for the movie ticket” or other similar phrases, chances are he/she will never be able to have a successful relationship with anyone because it shows that they are not capable of giving.

Punishing You. If your partner loves you, then he/she would not purposely do things that will hurt you like “forgetting” your birthday or other important dates. It is one thing to be forgetful, but it is another when they always seem to remember the bad things and never the good ones.

Ignoring You. If your partner is always too busy to even answer you, chances are they would not be there for you in times of need. A good relationship requires effort and time so it is important that both parties do their best to make the other happy.

Getting Angry Easily. This sign may seem obvious but many people’s relationships suffer because of this. If your partner loses his/her temper easily then it will definitely cause problems in the future. It is important to remain calm even if the other person is starting an argument.

Being Controlling. A good relationship should be one where both parties are equals, so never allow yourself to lose your sense of self by allowing someone else to control you.

Comparing You to Others. If your partner spends more time comparing you than actually focusing on what you need, then it is definitely time to find a new one. No two people are the same so no one else can replace or match up with what you need in life.

Can Toxic Relationships Be Healed?

If you are wondering whether or not toxic relationships can be healed, then the answer is yes. But it won’t happen overnight. Remember, the first step to healing yourself is by knowing what is wrong so always keep your eyes open and watch for any red flags.

People who find themselves in toxic relationships often tend to stay there because they want to prove that their relationship will last, but this is the wrong way of thinking. Just remember that this type of relationship will only bring you pain so it’s important to find a new one no matter how difficult it may seem.

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