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Emerald Isle, Eire, Land of Saints and Scholars – whatever you call it, Ireland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful corners on Earth. With gorgeous cities, distinct cultural backgrounds, and unmatched natural grounds, the country is every traveller’s dream. If you are planning your epic British Isles Adventure, take a look at our suggestions! 

The Cliffs of Moher  

Basically, all guided Ireland tours include the Cliffs of Moher as an absolute essential. And whoever is suggesting that is right!

Not seeing the Cliffs of Moher is like not eating a hamburger at Mcdonald’s. This stunning natural site is not only one of the prominent signature marks of the Emerald Isle, but it is also quite media-famous. Among other movies that used the cliffs as a backdrop for their trademark scenes, the estate is probably the best-known for its addition to the Harry Potter franchise. 

The Cliffs of Moher are also great for exploration if you like nature and have a thing for a beautiful life. There is some amazing flora and fauna to admire, and the area is brimming with numerous bird species. 

Cliffs of Moher

Kilmainham Gaol

Let’s take a walk in a different direction. While the Cliffs of Moher represent the stunning side of Ireland’s nature, Kilmainham Gaol is one of those mysterious sites that tells a great story about the darker parts of the country’s history. 

Built at the end of the 18th century, Kilmainham Gaol is notoriously known as one of the most brutal and historically significant prisons in Europe. Well, it was mainly important to Ireland but still holds certain importance to the whole of north-western Europe. 

Many Irish revolutionaries, including plenty of members of the 1916 Easter Rising, were imprisoned and executed on these grounds, their cruel death painting Kilmainham Gaol in colors we can see nowadays. You can book a tour and visit the estate as a museum, which we highly recommend having a guide for. 

The Ring of Kerry

If you are seeing the British Isles, you can travel some great lengths with some wonderful routes, like the one of the Edinburgh to London train, or even smaller-scale ones, Belfast to Derry. 

However, nothing can compare to Ireland’s most picturesque and landscape-filled route, which is the Ring of Kerry. Spread across County Kerry, it allows you to travel about 180 kilometers in a circular motion, visiting the most beautiful villages with rolling hills and sparkling lakes all around. 

We suggest you start from Killarney and make your way forward. Get ready to see some charming towns like Sneem, Waterville, Cahersiveen, Glenbeigh, and the whole of Iveragh Peninsula at its best. 

Naturally, there are also some tremendous touristy locations around the block you should visit after or before setting off on the Ring of Kerry. Visit the most famous Killarney National Park, explore Ross Castle, and consider getting a panoramic viewpoint when hiking to the Ladies View. 

Ring of Kerry

The Rock of Cashel

Moving on to yet another Irish landmark, let’s take a train to County Tipperary. Your inside history buff will be leaping in joy, as this is one of the most significant and legendary monuments in the country. 

The historic site used to be a seat of the kings of Munster several hundred years prior to the Norman invasion. In the 11th century, the Rock of Cashel was donated to the church, which is quite ironic as the local legends tell us that the fortress came to be after a banishing incident between St. Patrick and Satan himself. 

While you will not meet the Devil while touring the site, you will undoubtedly learn about Celtic art and medieval architecture. The Rock of Cashel may be left in shambles after several dramatic occurrences in history, but it remains the most prominent site of medieval and Celtic culture in Europe. 

Tempe Bar

Lastly, let’s take a trip back to Dublin and visit the most widely acclaimed and quintessential Irish pub ever – the famous Temple Bar. 

After long hours of exploring the capital city, you will probably need a breather. If you make it all the way to the city center, stop by the Temple Bar, a 19th-century pub loved by locals and tourists alike. 

Why is it so famous, you ask? The whiskey? The beer? Both answers are correct, but there is also a certain vibe around this place, one you can spend hours basking in. When you walk in, you will be greeted by great music, top-shelf whiskey, or a pint of Guinness. The bartenders and local customers are always up for stories about the pub, how it came to be, how it grew over the centuries, and what makes it the best bar in Ireland. Just make sure you sip your whiskey – it is quite strong! 

You can now easily fill in your itinerary – all these five sites are essential to see and are very easily accessible. However, make sure you rent a car for the less-local objects, especially ones set in the off-city borders. There are plenty of buses and trains that will help you get there, but driving a car in Ireland is a great idea and much easier. Have fun exploring the Emerald Isle, and good luck! 

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