Are Taylor Russell and Jenna Ortega Related?

It’s surprising that Jenna Ortega and Taylor Russell, despite their striking resemblance, aren’t actually related.

Jenna hails from California, while Taylor was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and grew up in different cities like Vancouver and Montreal.

Taylor’s biracial background adds to her unique identity, being the daughter of a Black father and white mother.

Jenna prefers to keep her family life private, with most of her focus on her acting projects and work events on Instagram.

On the other hand, her mom, Natalie, is quite active on social media and shares about all six of her kids.

In a sweet gesture for National Daughter’s Day in September 2022, Natalie posted a throwback photo featuring Jenna, Mariah, Mia, and Aaliyah, expressing her gratitude for each daughter.

“Happy Daughters Day to my four beauties,”

“May you always look for rainbows when it rains, and may you always find the stars in the dark. I love you all so much”, Natalie wrote.

Jenna shared a similar photo on her Instagram account in June 2015, years before she came to the limelight.

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