Alma Asinobi Lists 3 Extra Things Content Creators Should Charge Brands For

As a content creator, you most likely get propositioned regularly by brands who want to work with you. Alma Asinobi has an answer to the question of how to charge what you are worth and also get brands to pay you for the extra aspects you bring to the table and not just the content you have created.

  1. Whitelisting: When the brand runs sponsored ads with your content on your own account. So you create content for them, and they ask for you to run ads on it. Charge a fee for whitelisting – separate from the cost of the ad.
  1. Exclusivity: When you don’t work with the brand’s competitors for a period of time. Don’t just nod along and do their bidding. You should charge for that.
  1. Usage rights: When the brand uses your content for other paid ads on their platforms. You can decide to give the rights fully to the brand, but I’d recommend the rights are jointly owned. Whichever case, charge for that.

Alma Asinobi is a content strategist and founder of The Story School.

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