88-year-old Grandma Retires After Having Fostered Over 40 Kids

An 88-year-old grandma from Maryland was recognized for her dedication as a caring foster parent to over 40 children for many years.

Emma Patterson received recognition from Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich for her dedication to fostering numerous children since the 1980s, as reported by Today. The event was graced by many of her foster children.

Patterson’s journey into fostering started when her own kids brought friends home who required food or shelter, as detailed by NBC.

“The best part of everything is all of my children have turned out to be absolutely fantastic,” she told Today, noting that they’ve grown up to become basketball players, business owners and “just wonderful humans.” But after all her dedication, she is retiring.

“It really warms my heart for them to acknowledge me this way,” she remarked.

According to a Montgomery County spokesperson as mentioned in Today, Patterson is likely one of the longest-serving foster parents in the county and has cared for a significant number of children.

“It’s so emotional for me; it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it because I didn’t do it for recognition,” Patterson shared about the recognition. “It was just something I felt compelled to do.”

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