Democract’s IVF Bill Seeks to Support US Women

The Senate is expected to vote for a bill aimed at safeguarding access to IVF, as Democrats focus on reproductive rights this month following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade two years ago.

Despite expected resistance from Republicans, the Democrats are pushing forward on this issue.

The spotlight turned to this matter nationally after the Alabama Supreme Court’s recent ruling that classified embryos as children under state law, leading to a pause in fertility treatments by providers.

Subsequently, the state legislature passed a bill to protect IVF in Alabama.

The Senate is preparing to discuss the Right to IVF Act, which aims to establish in federal law the right for individuals to access IVF treatment and for doctors to administer it, superseding any state-level attempts to limit access.

This bill aims to enhance the affordability of IVF treatment by requiring coverage for fertility treatments in employer-sponsored insurance and certain public insurance plans.

Additionally, it intends to broaden the coverage of fertility treatments, including IVF, for US military service members and veterans’ healthcare.

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