4 Changes That Will Redefine Your Wardrobe For The Better

When you feel like you’re in a fashion rut, it’s tempting to want to switch out your entire wardrobe. Unless you have an unlimited budget, however, this isn’t typically as feasible as we’d like it to be. Of course, now and then a little bit of shopping is necessary to freshen things up. However, for more of a long-term fix you can also adopt some simple changes to your fashion tendencies.

Classic Flannel Shirt

Here are four of our best tips for how to redefine your wardrobe in a way that will keep you from unnecessary or unproductive shopping, and help you to make longer-lasting, effective decisions for your style.

Invest In Classic Pieces

While it’s always fun to shop the trends, it isn’t always so kind to your wallet – and it often results in your having pieces now that really don’t interest you in another few months – let alone a year from now. Another important thing to remember is that if you only purchase the latest trends, your wardrobe may not look all that sophisticated, or may not help you exhibit your own personal taste.

Investing in a handful of classic pieces instead (or at least in addition to a few trendy options) is a fantastic way to elevate your style on a more permanent basis, and to develop your own “look,” so to speak. If this is an appealing idea to you, and you’re looking specifically for winter fashion at the moment, we’d point you toward outerwear from Everlane for a first look. The emerging brand has some timeless coats that will look stylish for years regardless of the trends.

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body shape is important if you’re looking to shop for pieces that will last you a while and save you that urge to revamp your wardrobe constantly. Simply put, everyone has a different figure, and what’s flattering on one person may not be as much so on the next. If you find, say, some boot cut jeans that a friend looked wonderful in that don’t so much work for you, though, it doesn’t mean you should feel self-conscious or doubt your style. It just comes down to those simple little differences between us all. Similarly, you should never change your body in order to fit into a particular piece of clothing. As Jennifer Lopez’s character, Charlie, said in the iconic 2005 romantic comedy Monster-in-Law, “The dress is made to fit me, not the other way around.”

The winter season we’re just heading into is a particularly nice time to do some shopping for your shape, as you may find some heavier tops and outerwear that are made to last and will fit you for a few seasons to come (even if you gain or lose a few pounds). This year we’ve seen Woman Within setting the trends in this vein, offering a classic flannel shirt (in multiple colours and styles) and various outerwear selections, all designed with inclusive and flexible sizing in mind.

Figure Out What Colors Look Best On You

In a previous article, we mentioned that studying the color wheel can help you with a sense of style. You’ll be able to match complementary colors with ease to make your outfit look more cohesive, and you’ll feel less dependent on whatever colors happen to be deemed trendy with each passing season (because there are always a few making the rounds).

For these reasons, particularly if you’re looking to make your wardrobe more permanent in some sense, you should take the time to really determine the colors that look best on you. Do a bit of experimenting, ask for second opinions if you like (either from in-store professionals or friends and family), and find your ideal range. And keep in mind, for those long-term pieces, it may also be in your best interest to stick to colors that aren’t too flashy, so your entire wardrobe will be sleek and refined. You can always add the exciting accents later on.

Find A Good Tailor

As a last point, and a more general one, it’s imperative to find a good tailor – even if it’s something you’ve never really considered before.
Something as simple as hemming a pair of pants can really make all the difference, and turn your fleeting seasonal purchase into something that will be a go-to garment as long as it holds up. This is specifically true for formal wear; a really good tailor can make a budget buy look like something that was sold at a high-end boutique, provided you’re not in it for the label!

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