Watch Your Favorite Nollywood Movies On Movie Jungle TV

You can now watch your favorite Nollywood movies on Movie Jungle TV app.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has a new platform of expression:

Movie Jungle TV is a place to watch movies, interviews and behind the scenes of your favorite movie stars in the Nollywood industry. Dennis Ejiogu, CEO, Movie Jungle, was quoted saying,

The need to take Nigeria to the world and bring the rest of the world to Nigeria has always been a key part of my driving force as a producer and entrepreneur in the Nigerian entertainment industry,

movie jungle tv

Dennis Ejiogu holds a unique place in the industry having a different perspective of promoting the industry.

With a desire to provide a unique service to its viewers, Movie Jungle TV has lined out in its schedule plan, mouth-watering giveaways, partnerships and promoting the talents and passion of young movie makers looking for expression.

movie jungle tv

Perhaps Nigeria makes thousands of movies every year but we only see only 10% of them on the “known” platforms. The rest of the movies that have won and have the potentials to win awards both locally and internationally are not seen due to various reasons.

Movie Jungle TV is the path of discovery to see these mind-blowing movies that viewers are longing to see. The stage is set with additional movies added every week to promote our content to us and the world, so…come along! log unto and enjoy it!

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