30 Things You Should Do Before 30

Life breezes by us before we can come to terms with what is going on. I mean, one moment we’re excited about finally becoming teenagers, the next moment we’re counting down the hours to our 30th Birthday. At times, we’re left with a sense of regret or not being fulfilled. Here are 30 things you should do before 30;


30 things you should do before 30
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1. Travel somewhere you don’t know the language.

2. Date someone who isn’t your “type.”

3. Start Saving for retirement.

4. Take a risk: Go bungee jumping or skydiving or swim with sharks.

5. Buy some stocks.

6. Get in a heated political debate.

7. Travel Solo

8. Start a collection.

9. Learn about Politics.

10. Take Control of your Sexual Health.

11. Attend a multi-day/weekend music festival.

12. Set a reading goal.

13. Overcome a fear.

14. Do Yoga

15. Join a club.

16. Treat yourself to something really expensive.

17. Run a marathon.

18. Have a Mentor.

19. Learn how to cook.

20. Eat really expensive food.

21. Attempt to break a world record.

22. Attend a Global Sporting Event

23. Pick a cause and be passionate about it.

24. Make your family tree.

25. Take it a step further and record your family’s complete medical history.

26. Become a connoisseur in something.

27. Learn a New Language.

28. Go on a Road Trip.

29. Be financially Independent.

30. Make a list of things to do before you turn 40

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