10 Apps To Help You Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Today’s apps are solving everyday issues and helping to track your menstrual cycle is one of them. While they cannot help you take the pain away, they can help you track the days you would be most fertile and least fertile. Thus, helping you further understand your body.


clue app track your menstrual cycle


Some of these apps include:

1. Eve Tracker App

The Eve Tracker App is features such as “cyclescope” which presents cycle forecasts like a daily horoscope. It also gives this forecast based on where you are in your cycle. Every day, it sends sex quizzes and it also has a community of other women who can commiserate with you over nasty cramps.

Download is available on iOS and Android.

2. The Planned Parenthood App

This app is gender-neutral. This means you would not get to see any pink flowers or butterflies. However, in addition to tracking your menstrual cycle, you would receive guidance on birth control methods, etc.  It also comes with a planner, so you can remember to call the doctor, go for checkups etc. That is not even the best part. It has a “water-reminder”, so you can remember to take water consistently and stay hydrated through the day.

Download is available on iOS.

3. Clue

This app allows you to do a whole lot of things. First, it uses science to help discover the unique patterns in your menstrual cycle. It also supports healthy habits by allowing you track your exercise daily, so you can see its effects on your overall health. You can also track your basal temperature for more accurate ovulation and fertility predictions.

Download is available on iOS and Android.

4. Flo Period & Ovulation

This app is great if you are looking to be secretive. It is password protected and so your nosey friends, family or partner doesn’t have to know about your cycle unless you want them to. This app can also be synced with the Apple Health App, so you can track daily sleep duration, physical activity etc. You can also track your basal body temperature.

Download is available on iOS and Android.

5. Period Diary

This app is great for extra secrecy because it is not only password protected, it’s icon says P.D instead of Period Diary. You can also track over 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods which it uses to track period. It also features a calendar which displays all symptoms and notes.

Download is available on iOS and Android.

6. Ovia Fertility Period Tracker

Ovia fertility period tracker helps women predict their period and ovulation, provides support for irregular menstrual cycles. Not only that, on the Ovia app, there are over 2000 expert articles on fertility, conception and reproductive health which can be read for free. The app is also password protected.

Dowwnload is available on iOS and Android.

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7. Cycles

This app is great because it can be shared with your partner. It also lets you involve him in your pregnancy plan, while offering total privacy for you both.

Download is available on iOS.

8. 1Period Tracker Lite

This period tracker helps you to check customizable calendar with labels for period symptoms. You can also track intimacy, and switch to pregnancy mode if you are expecting a baby.

Download is available on IOS

9. Dot

Dot stands for Dynamic Optimal Timing™. It uses large scale data sets to help calculate your conception risk or chances for each day of your cycle using period start dates.

Download is available on iOS and Android.

10. myPill Birth Control Reminder

Not only does it track your menstrual cycle, it also helps to ensure that you don’t skip a day of the birth control pill. It also helps you plan yearly checkups etc.

Download is available on iOS

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