What Do Americans Think About Sex in 2022?

The secrecy surrounding sex still abounds in current times, with the Hims & Hers Let’s Talk About Sex: The 2022 Report showing that approximately 50% of all Americans fantasize about sexual activities they would probably never perform in real life, a similar percentage fakes orgasms, and around one-third have a sex toy they haven’t told anyone about. The report, based on a survey conducted on over 5,000 adults, shows that many people are ashamed to have honest conversations about sex and a vast majority feel their sex lives are worse (compared to others) than they really are. For instance, 72% of people surveyed said their sex life was average or below average when compared to their counterparts. In fact, most people would like to change something about their sex lives—be it having better orgasms, being more confident in bed, or having a stronger libido.

People Fear Judgment

One of the strongest barriers to enjoying a good sex life is the fear of judgement and the shame the latter can bring. Someone might fantasize about dressing up, playing roles, or having sex in a risqué place, yet they may never broach these subjects with their partners owing to the possibility of being rejected. As stated in the report, this leads to a profound sense of dissatisfaction because so many people feel they cannot be who they fully wish to be during sexual encounters. Yet sexual satisfaction has a deep influence on one’s mood, self-esteem, and motivation. For many, it is a pillar of a good quality of life.

People Are Worried About Laws that Could Curtail Sexual Freedom

The overturning of Roe vs Wade has had a profound effect on how people view sex, with 85% of Americans having had an emotional response to the overturning of this decision. They are essentially worried that other laws relating to sexual freedom will be overturned, and this has led many to feel concerned, angry, nervous, confused, and lost. Around 69% of people feel that healthcare brands should take a stance on Roe vs Wade, and an even larger percentage feel that healthcare companies have an important role to play in reproductive support. For instance, they should offer counselling and therapy, provide free birth control to those in need, and similar.

Other Interesting Findings

The report shared many more vital pieces of vital information. For instance, 53% of men say porn has changed their perception of how long they should “perform” in bed or how parts of their body should look, and this stresses them out. Porn confuses men, making it more difficult “to discern what’s okay and what isn’t.” The report also showed that Gen Z women want to understand their own fantasies and have an intellectual curiosity about sex. Moreover, they are least likely to self-identify as heterosexual, and they are already shaking up traditional norms. Another finding pertains to older women. Around 40% of women in midlife, for instance, want more sex and many women in post-menopausal years do not lose their sex drive as they age. The report additionally showed that male sexual dysfunction can happen at any age, with almost all men surveyed having had at least one bad encounter, where the experience just wasn’t right. Finally, almost one in 10 men reported that they never orgasmed, often because of stress. Yet another myth is that men only want sex, not romance. In fact, the older men get, the more romantic they are.

The Hims & Hers Let’s Talk About Sex: The 2022 Report has debunked numerous myths about modern sexuality. It has also dispelled many myths. Both men and women would enjoy more fantasy in their lives, both want a blend of sex and romance, and both can fake orgasms if they feel too stressed out to hit ‘the golden spot’.

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