Watch Things Jackie Aina Learned Since She Got Engaged

Nigerian American beauty YouTuber, Jackie Aina’s latest video is talking about what she has learned since she got engaged. Though the video seems to be more about what she has learned over the course of dating in the past years, it is pretty much fun to watch and also educative.

In this video, she takes out time to dish out some tips about relationships, money, dealing with family and friends while dating, etc.

Some noteworthy tips include:

  • Don’t get into a relationship and abandon your friends;
  • Don’t tell your friends all of your business;

She says,

“Don’t tell the internet and your friends your business even your well-meaning friends, even your closest friends, because, guess what, whose side they gonna be on. You think they’re gonna be on his side, no, they’re gonna be on your side.”


  • Don’t tell your partner every detail about your life, keep some things to yourself;
  • Always have some money stashed up somewhere for yourself which no one knows about;
  • You won’t win every argument.

The video also comes with a disclaimer at the end, “YouTube advice is not a replacement for therapy.”

Watch Jackie Aina’s Things I’ve Learned Since Getting Engaged

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