Transform Your Bare Wall With Canvas Prints

canvas prints

Whether you want to display your alumni hangout pictures or a recent family vacay, canvas prints are the best way to transform your wall and liven up your space. Canvas prints have become very popular especially due to the recent advancements in printing technology around the world. Today, you can get quality products at amazing prices. In this article, we would explore all you need to know about canvas prints.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image printed onto a canvas through an inkjet printer. It is not to be confused with a canvas painting. Canvas prints may come with or without outer framing, but all high-quality canvas prints are pre-stretched over inner wooden frames. This technique is called gallery wrap and it ensures a sophisticated gallery-level look for just any photo.

Why should you choose canvas prints?

1. Quality:

Canvas prints come in superb quality especially when you use a service like

They use HP latex printing to make your canvas prints and you are sure to get pin-sharp and evenly saturated colours.

2. Different size formats

When it comes to wall art, everyone’s concerned about size and that is understandable. At canvas prints come in a range of sizes starting from 8″ x 8″, and some extra large formats are also available. Bear in mind, that you won’t need to stress over the picture’s size – simply upload your image on the website and let the in-built measurement system offer you the formats that match your image.

3. Durability

High-quality canvas prints are assured to last up to 75 years if cared for properly. To enjoy your wall art that long, you should keep canvas prints away from direct sunlight and pay attention to the humidity and heat levels in the room. If maintaining the right conditions for canvas prints isn’t possible for some reasons, consider getting another type of wall decor – for example, metal prints that come with a protective laminate to prevent UV damage. If you are seeking sophistication and extraordinary durability, metal prints are the way to go.

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4. Print anywhere, everywhere!

Do you know you can have your photos printed almost anywhere including on a custom photo blanket? At, you are assured of a full area photo reproduction, printed with a special dye-sublimation technique for the very best results. The dyes are also long-lasting and the blankets are machine-washable. Photo blankets are available in two different high-quality materials: cuddly fleece or premium plush.

canvas prints

Save More with a Discount Code

Whether you are on a budget or not, is the best place to shop for your canvas prints and other types of wall decor and custom photo products. Use the code URBANWOMAN10 to get an extra 10% discount on all already discounted products on the website!

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