Thabsie Releases Music Video for iLula | Watch

Thabsie has just released the stunning video for her latest single, iLula.

Thabsie’s single, iLula explored the issue of unfaithfulness in relationships. She told the story of being cheated on and how it made the women involved in such relationships feel.


The South African singer explained the motive behind the song in a Facebook post,

There’s something about infidelity that leaves a woman feeling vulnerable, bare and exposed. I know this may sound controversial but this applies to both women in the scenario, the “main” and the “side”. I say this because one thing life has taught me is that love sees no wrong and love sometimes sees no right, it doesn’t give you the choice to decide who you fall in love with. The heart wants what it wants. It wants what it shouldn’t and doesn’t want what it should and in all of this people, often the women, get hurt. This is not a justification, it’s just my view, my revelation, the view I tried to depict in the ‘iLula’ music video.

Thabsie sang,

“I got wounded, the first time I heard about her/ I heard she from Dubane/ You think she can give you so much more/ My heart shattered, the first time you lied about her/ You said you don’t love her, now you just don’t know”

She also interpolated Brenda Fassie’s song “I straight Lendaba” adding that in such situations, you just had to walk away.

The video was directed by Callback Dreams’ Makere Thekiso. Thabsie’s partner is played by Kay Sibiya. The visuals portray Thabsie, her partner and his mistress in bed with him paying no one his attention. It is a love triangle.

Watch video below:

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