Sunday, November 28, 2021

Skinny Girl In Transit 4: Will Tiwa Finally Get Married?!

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The web series, Skinny Girl In Transit 4, is about to hit your screens on Ndani TV for its fourth season, and we are so excited!

A lot of questions are passing through the minds of the viewers, however, from the trailer, we can tell a couple of things!

Will Tiwalade get married?

Skinny Girl In Transit 4

No, she won’t. At least the trailer didn’t tell us that much.

However, from the trailer, we can see that she would meet a new guy who would give her reason to doubt her relationship with Mide.

Also, SGIT lovers have a feeling that this season may end with a proposal from Mide (you know he doesn’t like competition and always puts his best foot forward), and if Tiwa finally resolves the conflict in her head, she may be saying YES!

Tiwa’s mother is not left out, we see her anxiety levels reach 300% as she is eager to be a mother-in-law

Anyway, as the season goes, we are definitely going to be glued to our seats on this one. So sit back, relax and follow our weekly reviews as they come.

You can also watch the trailer Here

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