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As the fourth season of “Selling Sunset” rounds up, Allure Realty, a Black-owned, all-women brokerage, will make its television debut in “Selling Tampa.”

Allure Realty is owned by Sharelle Rosado and her team of seven agents ― Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Colony Reeves, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Karla Giorgio, Rena Frazier and Tennille Moore. Sharelle Rosado wants to take over the luxurious real estate market with her firm, which is run entirely by women of colour.

Season 1 of “Selling Tampa” follows the women as they navigate life, love, and where their professional loyalties lie. It’s filled with sumptuous open houses, and multimillion-dollar deals.

Allure Realty was founded in 2019 by Sharelle, the wife of former NFL wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Her management style differs from that of the Oppenheim brothers as she emphasizes “tough love”. However, some of her employees think that she’s an absentee leader.

Sharelle, 30, closed her first deal under Allure Realty agency. In Episode 1, she explained that at her past firms, she was “usually the only person who looked like me.”

She said, “My hope is to inspire other women, other Black women who are looking at us and looking to get into the real estate industry, specifically luxury real estate because you don’t see a lot of us.”

Fans of Selling Sunset’s stiletto-loving villain will undoubtedly find a lot in common with several of Selling Tampa’s cast members, especially Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere and Colony Reeves.

There’s also Rena Upshaw Frazier, Allure’s first agent, who feels undervalued and neglected. Then there’s Juawana Colbert, who some people refer to as “HR” because of how much she seems to be meddling in other people’s business.

As with Selling Sunset, the agents’ personal lives are largely off-screen; their professional rivalries offer most of the excitement.

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