Nigerian Women React To The New National Anthem

On May 29th 2024, the Nigerian government announced that it was reverting to the first national anthem. 

This was announced on Democracy Day and has elicited mixed feelings amongst Nigerians on social media.

Urban Woman decided to speak with Nigerian women to find out what they think about this change.

Read below to see their responses.


The word? Distraction. For every time that they want to do one crazy thing, they bring up something to distract Nigerians. This is how they will give us one twitter topic per week till tenure is over. Completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Like the people are suffering and hungry but you think they will have the time and patience to learn a new song🤦🏽


What I’ll say is that the people in NASS are not incompetent. They travel to saner climes and know exactly how to govern but they will NOT do so because they believe themselves to be untouchable and really, are they not?? Don’t we just wail over things and move on after two days?

The fact that people are LITERALLY dying of hunger and the economy is plunged into chaos but the priority of these people is to change a SONG, shows how very little regard they have for us. 

I personally, will NEVER acknowledge this new change, same way I’ve never acknowledged that Twitter has one new weird name.


It’s crazy. That the only thing the government could think of to solve our problems was replacing an anthem written by six Nigerians from different ethnic groups, with one written by the British. Tradition, gone. 

I’m sure the next step is to start fining folks for using the old anthem whether orally or in print


I think it’s irrelevant. I won’t be bothered about learning the anthem to be honest.


When I first heard about this, it just reinforced my conviction that our leaders are being malevolently ignorant. Because, with the inflation and everything going on, wtf is a dead national anthem going to change? 

It’s like when you think nothing shocks you anymore in Nigeria, Tinubu raises his shock value by 200%.

I just feel cold indifference now though, it is what it is.


The funny thing is everything on the new anthem is the opposite of what Nigeria is right now.

The banner is stained and we are being oppressed by the government 😒


I think it’s irrelevant and Nigerians should not be distracted by this move of the false government.

Candice King

My reaction to the change of Nigeria’s national anthem is a mosaic of emotions —and a blend of nostalgia, hope, and cautious optimism. As our nation steps into a new lyrical era, it is vital that this anthem resonates with every Nigerian heart, especially the hearts of women who have tirelessly contributed to the nation’s narrative.

In the end, an anthem is more than words and music; it is a reflection of a nation’s spirit. As Nigerian women, we await with bated breath to see if this new anthem will honor our past, embody our present, and inspire our future.


I think it’s proof that Nigerian history means nothing to the leadership. A functional society has leaders who are students of the past and understand how it relates to the future.

Why revive an old anthem? There’s no psychological or philosophical backing to this arrangement. Historians cannot tell us why the old anthem was better or justify the need for a change in anthem at this critical point.

It’s painful that it’s merely a diversion from the woes of present day Nigeria. I think all stakeholders should boycott the change. There should be a revolt. Let these leaders know that they are not leading sheep.


It’s a very unnecessary and stupid change. 60+ years after independence we are going to start singing an anthem composed by the colonialists. It’s a shame because how many African countries are still singing their colonial masters’ anthem. Also in the midst of everything the masses are going through, changing the national anthem is not something to be considered in the first place.

Esther Olamoyegun

I think the national anthem change is ridiculous, and a way for the government to not focus on real issues the country is battling with.

I also think it reflects the failings of leadership in this country, and how lackadaisical our leaders can be. Moreso, it’s absurd that we’re taking on the colonizers’ anthem after so many years of independence.

*Name changed to protect identity

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