Meet YouTube’s Most-Watched Family, The LaBrants

The LaBrant clan are the most-watched family on YouTube. With over 13 million subscribers, they have continued to dish out amazing content such as detailed videos of their pregnancy/ birth journey.

Recently, YouTubers Cole and Savannah LaBrant added another baby to their family.

The couple revealed in a video that they let their children choose the name of their youngest sibling.

Meeting the LaBrants Family:

The LaBrant Fam does what many YouTube families do – post a range of viral trends, challenges, pranks, vlogs and Q&A videos. 

They share four children together: daughters Posie Rayne, 5, Sunday Savannah, 1, and sons Zealand Cole, 3, and baby Beckham.

Savannah also has a daughter from a previous relationship, 11-year-old Everleigh Rose.

Who is Eveleigh’s dad?

Savannah and Tommy Smith were only 19 when Everleigh was born in 2012.

In the LaBrant’s book, “Cole And Sav: Our Surprising Love Story,” Savannah shares that Smith was unfaithful to her about six months into her pregnancy.

This led to their separation as she found love with Cole while Smith moved on with Courtney Santaella.

However, Everleigh’s father, Smith died in 2022.

New baby, will the LaBrant family have another child?

On Christmas Eve, the couple revealed Savannah was expecting her fifth baby.

Baby Beckham was born in 2024.

In the post announcing Savannah’s labor, she and Cole penned, “Can’t believe we all squeezed onto this hospital bed.

“Say hello to the newest addition, Beckham Blue LaBrant. Sending all our love to you, big Blue boy!”

However, the LaBrant crew keeps expanding, which, for their family-focused YouTube channel, is definitely a plus. But it seems they might be holding off on adding more members for now.

Just before welcoming Beckham, Cole and Savannah shared a mysterious social media post hinting that he might be their final addition. In the post, Savannah is seen in a hospital bed, reaching out her hand to an unseen Cole.

Let’s do this one last time honey,” Cole wrote in the caption.

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