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Managing Teenage Pregnancy: The Post Natal Care -By Edwin Alivionote

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Teenage PregnancyThe pregnant teenager who has been nursed through the nine months pregnancy and supported to successfully put to birth is a very young and naive mother with a baby to nurse. The delivery of the teenager marks the beginning of the post natal care for the new baby. The inexperienced mother should be taught first how to manage her body with warm words and support from an adult female that will boost her emotions and psychology.

She will require the constant support and supervision of the ‘support-mother’ who will make her a capable mother to handle the challenges of nursing the baby well. The hospital routine associated with post natal for the baby and the mother should be taken seriously as this aspect is very necessary for both the mother and baby’s healthiness.

The feeding programme for the teenage mother would require a nutritionist advice since the teenager can still regain her teenage ambiance and physiognomy with the right dieting support programme. The teenager is not expected to eat anything based on food likes rather should be based on the advised feeding. The idea on following a strict nutrition programme is aimed at bringing the teenager back to her teen glory in terms of looks and shape. The teenager will appreciate this better as soon as the child nursing stage is over. This will help her integrate back into her social role and relationships with less issues of stigmatization to contend with.

The baby is also a very important subject of care; the most case is that the baby grows without the support of a father. The baby sitting and nurturing is mostly left for the female teenager alone to bear. Often cases, marriage for the teen is out of the option of choice since her education and future career needs to be strengthened. The parents of the girl could at this stage stand in for the complete parenting need of the growing baby and build a warm family foundation for the child.

The schooling of the teenager should not be put off completely because of this occurrence. After nursing the baby for two years, the teenager can be sent back to school to pick up her educational life. For most experiences shared about going back to school, a change of school off the vicinity of residence might make the young lady cope with the schooling with ease. The peer pressure from the area of residence can also be made easy by relocation; this among others are the support the teenager can enjoy from supportive parents and guardian, to help the girl reintegrate faster into her normal mode of life. Although pregnancy is said to alter her life forever, it should not stop her from living the best of her life.

The teenager should be made to attend counseling sessions as soon as she is 18-months after child nursing, this is key to helping her build her carriage and confidence. She should be made to build her self esteem and become socially active. Also, important is grooming on how to contend with the conversation bothering on her pregnancy and mistake(s) in life which will confront her from time to time, she has to know that her mistakes does not mean she is condemned or labeled.

Depending on her religion of practice, she should build her relationship with God as this will help her with the inner strength, which comes from the peace of mind that emanate from the realm of the spirit. Healing is also a spiritual affair since inner comfort can be spiritually inspired. The girl who becomes closer with her God will experience lightness in mind and becomes happier with her person and present status amidst its responsibilities and challenges.

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