Jumoke Randle Has a Message for Us From Ajah

Jumoke Randle, the wife of Tunde Randle, the Governor of Lagos State in the movie, King of Boys 2, has a message for us from Ajah.

“Greetings from the Office of the First Lady. ✍🏾

It is no more news that the current location of Her Excellency has been a thing of concern for the good people of Lagos State. 🤔

It is quite surprising that a little family feud that is expected to be private business, has now been fed to the public and Her Excellency is now the Number 1 trending topic in Nigeria. 😎

For this reason, I will like to emphasize that H.E Mrs Jumoke Randle is holding up strong, despite her political adversaries; and she will like the general public to know that she remains First Lady, until the newly elected Governor in the name of Alhaja Eniola Salami, is sworn in, on a date that may never come. 💀

Finally, it is in your collective interest as members of the public to not entertain any attempt to slander the beautiful destination of the Ajah community. We are one Lagos and no matter the location of Her Excellency, she still has the best interest of the State. 🙃

We are eternally grateful for your love and support in these trying times.

Senior Special Adviser on the Return of The King,
For the Office of the First Lady”

You would recollect that her mother in law sent her packing from the house after the scandal that rocked the government house. She was also kind enough to gift Jumoke an apartment in Ajah, a town on the outskirts of Lagos.

Meanwhile, our favourite quote from Jumoke Randle is,

“My husband has the penis, but I do the thrusting”.

You have to stan a queen who knows her power and exerts it where and when she sees fit.

Jumoke Randle, we are rooting for you.

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