7 Signs That Proves Eniola Salami Is a Feminist

I hate to break it to you, but Eniola Salami is a feminist.

Eniola Salami is the lead character/protagonist in the movie King of Boys. Played by Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones, Eniola Salami is a businesswoman and philanthropist who has returned from a 5-year exile to run for the governorship of Lagos state.

Eniola Salami is also a feminist who goes against all odds to get what she wants in life. Here are 7 signs that showed that she is a feminist.

  1. Eniola Salami believes that her career is just as important as her male counterparts

In a scene, Eniola Salami is seen asking Aare why he is so against her. Aare answers that he is against her because she is too ambitious. For a moment, we see how society is against women who have ambition. Aare goes on to say, “You should have kept playing in your position”. This draws to mind a quote by the famous Chimamanda Adichie which said, “They say to us, you can have ambition, but not too much”.

  1. She does not sit still while women are mistreated

In the beginning, when Eniola Salami has just returned, she was answering questions from the press, and a lady tried to ask a question but was shoved by Eniola’s bodyguard.

Eniola quickly reprimanded the bodyguard saying, “You don’t treat women like that”.

  1. Eniola Salami believes in equal partnerships

At a press conference, she is asked a question about allegations made by the governor’s wife. To which she says something along the lines of, “If the governor has a problem with me, let him bring it up, I would be happy to answer him. I am running against the governor, not his wife.” 

You have to stan a queen who can go head to head with a man she is running against. 

  1. Eniola Salami knows how to take care of herself and she takes pride in doing so

The last time Eniola visits the church to see the Reverend, he asks her to tell her bodyguards to wait for her outside the church. To which she responds assertively that those bodyguards are there to protect her and will remain there protecting her.

  1. Eniola Salami rejects gender stereotypes

At the meeting with her campaign manager, Mr Fashina, a member of the campaign team suggests that Eniola should act like she is getting hooked with a man in order to portray the look of a settled woman to society. Eniola vehemently rejects it saying that she doesn’t need to be attached to a man in order to be respected.

  1. She believes that every woman should have access to birth control

In the first part of King of Boys, Eniola Salami comes across Karimotu, a poor woman who is pregnant and has 6 children beyond which she can care for. She asks her if she is trying to build a football team and proceeds to give the woman money to take care of herself and the children. She also warns her that this should be the last time she comes across her pregnant again. 

  1. Eniola loves to look good

Eniola Salami knows that looking good and feeling good are complimentary. Throughout the movie, Eniola is never caught unfresh!

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