Is The Diplomat Based on a True Story?

Many viewers of Netflix’s new political thriller, The Diplomat, are asking if it is based on a true story because of its many real-world elements. The focus of the political thriller is on a character named Kate Wyler, played by Keri Russell, who has recently been appointed as the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The movie also stars Rufus Sewell and Rory Kinnear.

Due to the urgent nature of diffusing international crises that could possibly escalate into full-scale wars, the high-profile position comes with an immense level of responsibility that is hard to comprehend.

Kate has to work hard to maintain her strained marriage with Hal Wyler, who is a prominent politician and fellow diplomat, while also trying to make new connections in London and around the world.

Does The Diplomat have a real-life basis?

Kate Wyler and The Diplomat are both fictional and not based on any true events. Though, Debora Cahn, the creator of The Diplomat stated in a Netflix press release that she was inspired by real-life events that she had discovered while working on the Homeland television series.

She said that during her work on Homeland, she had the opportunity to meet with various specialists from different fields including policy, military, CIA, and journalists. They also had the privilege of meeting a number of ambassadors who shared some wonderful stories.

According to Cahn, it’s not unusual for couples who work in this area to form close bonds, as they share a passion for their work and for each other. However, after several years, it can become challenging, as they find themselves competing with the person they love the most.

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